New legislation wants to change traffic light laws in Colorado

Posted at 3:58 PM, Jan 28, 2019
traffic light
New bill wants to require stop lights to turn yellow before turning green

COLORADO – A new bill introduced in the House wants to require a traffic light to turn yellow- before turning green- to indicate to drivers and pedestrians facing the light that traffic is about to start moving in that direction.

If the bill passes, the legislation would take effect July 1, 2023.

Another bill concerning traffic lights is in the spotlight right now.

HB19-1099 is a bill repealing the state, county, city, or municipality’s authorization to use red light cameras.

The intention of automated vehicle identification systems is to enforce traffic laws and punish violators.

The bill also repeals the Department of Public Safety’s authorization to use systems to detect a vehicles speed in highways undergoing maintenance, repair or in construction zones.

In August 2018, the Colorado Springs Police Department chose four intersections to install red light cameras at the following locations:

  • North Carefree Circle @ Academy Boulevard – Northbound Approach
  • East Platte Avenue @ Chelton Road – Eastbound Approach
  • Briargate Boulevard @ Lexington Boulevard – Westbound Approach
  • Dublin Boulevard @ Academy Boulevard – Southbound Approach

CSPD told News 5 earlier in 2018 that the location of the cameras was decided by analyzing collision data, speed issues, intersection volume and construction, pedestrian safety and other factors.

There are plans to install six more cameras once the program results have been assessed from these four intersections.