Family removed from flight following body odor complaints

Posted at 10:11 AM, Jan 25, 2019

(WDIV) A Michigan couple who were forced off a flight when they were told other passengers complained about their body odor say American Airlines has some explaining to do.

Yossi and Jennie Adler and their 19-month-old daughter were already having a tough time getting back to their eight other children after a vacation in Miami. Their Tuesday night flight at Miami International Airport was canceled because of the ice at Detroit Metro Airport.

Then on Wednesday night, they were removed from a plane after complaints about their body odor.

“My wife is embarrassed in front of hundreds of people because someone says we have body odor,” Yossi Adler said. “It’s embarrassing. I just want someone to tell me the truth. What happened?”

The couple said they boarded the plane last, sat down in their seats and were almost immediately escorted off.

“A minute after we sit down, a member of the ground crew tells us we have to deplane and talk to us,” Yossi Adler said. “I’m terrified, thinking it’s something with my eight kids at home.”

Adler was then told other people had complained about his family’s body odor, and that his family would have to leave.

They think it was less about their hygiene and more about them being Jewish.

“They’re holding their nose, like, ‘It stinks. It stinks,'” Yossi Adler said. “That’s what was so upsetting. The man said, ‘Oh, you Orthodox people don’t take showers.’ That’s what he told me. He thought we don’t take showers. I’m like, ‘That is absurd.'”

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