Thursday Evening Forecast; Messy Weather Friday…Fri Night

Posted at 3:23 PM, Jan 10, 2019

Summary: Moisture is on the way. It will be snow in the mountains, both rain and snow in the Plains. Begins overnight in the mountains, early Friday morning along the I-25 corridor, and afternoon for the Plains.

That’s the short summary…the crystalized version. More background…

It’s because a piece of energy over Wyoming, embedded in the jet stream. is blending with a pocket of moisture over New Mexico and the panhandles to our east, and a storm will form overhead, as a result. It is important to explain, for I-25 and Plains, because it will fall during the daylight hours, and because weather has been warm today, and because many areas Friday will be above freezing…for all these reasons…even if it falls as snow, it won’t ice up or accumulate below 7000 feet until after sunset. So, whether rain or snow, it just gets wet outside. With one location exception. Palmer Divide. There, above 7k, it will mostly be snow, and could potentially be slushy in the daytime, before icing up for the evening drive.

Some minor icing and slushy accumulations occur Friday night region-wide, with flurries ending Saturday by sunrise.

TRI-LAKES: Low – 28, High – 33.  Cloudy, snow late. Wet snow &/or rain Friday. Snow at night.

WOODLAND PARK: Low – 27, High – 32. Cloudy up, snow late. Wet snow Friday. Snow at night.

COLORADO SPRINGS:Low – 31, High – 36. Cloudy up, light snow near dawn. Wet snow &/or rain Friday. Change to wet snow at night.

CANON CITY: Low: – 33, High – 40.  Cloudy up, snow late. Wet snow &/or rain Friday. Snow at night.

PUEBLO: Low –32, High – 42.  Clouding up. Rain by Noon, Friday. Change to light snow at night.

PLAINS: Low – 28, High – 46. Clouding up. Light rain Friday afternoon. Changes to wet snow at night.

WALSENBURG/TRINIDAD: Low – 31, High – 44. Clouding up. Light rain Friday afternoon. Changes to wet snow at night.

EXTENDED OUTLOOK:  Snow and clouds clear up Saturday, bright and mild Sunday & Monday…