Weather Alert: High winds and rain/snow chances

Posted at 5:10 PM, Dec 12, 2018

Tonight’s Forecast:

Winds will be gusty this evening and overnight. A High Wind Warning is in effect for many areas with gusts around 60 mph possible. Those winds will shift around to the north, bringing in colder air. We’ll have the chance to see a few isolated rain/snow showers this evening and overnight. These won’t amount to much in terms of accumulation, but visibility will be greatly diminished as any falling precipitation mixes with the gusty winds.

COLORADO SPRINGS: Low – 21, High – 40. A gusty night with a chance for isolated rain/snow. Sunny, breezy, and colder Thursday.

PUEBLO: Low – 23, High – 47. Strong winds and a chance for rain/snow showers this evening/tonight. Sunshine returns tomorrow with breezy conditions and colder temperatures.

CANON CITY: Low – 24, High – 45. Windy tonight with isolated rain/snow. Breezy, bright, and colder Thursday.

WOODLAND PARK: Low – 10, High – 33. Windy with isolated snow showers this evening. Breezy, sunny, and cold tomorrow.

TRI-LAKES: Low – 10’s, High – 30’s. Gusty winds this evening with a chance for snow showers and low visibility. Sunshine, breezy winds, and colder temperatures Thursday.

PLAINS: Low – 20’s, High – 40’s. Strong winds tonight with a chance for isolated rain/snow showers. Dry, breezy, sunny, and colder tomorrow.

WALSENBURG/TRINIDAD: Low – 20’s, High – 40. Gusty tonight with isolated rain/snow showers. Sunny, breezy, and colder Thursday.

NEXT SEVERAL DAYS: Skies clear quickly overnight for sunshine on Thursday. Winds will still be gusty at times. Temperatures will be colder with highs only in the 30’s and 40’s. That cool down will be very short lived. Temperatures rebound right back into the 50’s on Friday and we will be in a fairly quiet pattern. A little bit of up and down, but still generally 50’s each day through the weekend and the first half of next week. Skies generally stay mostly sunny with a few extra clouds Saturday and Monday.