Mississippi farmer claims his enormous steer is bigger than Australia’s ‘Knickers’

Posted at 7:50 AM, Dec 10, 2018

(WLBT) The size of a steer Down Under is making people around the world say “Holy Cow!” but a Mississippi farmer thinks he can double what Australia has to offer.

You’ve got to see the giant steers to believe it.

Otis is estimated to be 6’7″ while Milo comes in about 6’4″, the same height of Knickers, the famous Australian steer.

The two steers were headed for slaughter when Bubba Pinkard brought them to his pasture.

“I believe I’ve got Knickers beat with this old boy right here,” said Pinkard while sitting atop Otis, the gentler of the behemoth bovine.

Otis weighs approximately 3,200 pounds. Pinkard puts his age around 6-years-old because of his teeth wear.

Milo comes in around 2,700 pounds and is believed to be slightly younger than Otis.

Both eat 100 pounds of range cubes a day in addition to hay.

“I saw that Knickers, they had him in a pen with a bunch of what I call yearlings,” said Pinkard. “They were young cows, young calves and if I put this one against a young calf, he’s gonna look huge.”

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