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Report of booby trap on Ute Valley Park trail

Posted at 6:48 PM, Oct 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-29 21:04:02-04

COLORADO SPRINGS – “Let police know, our ranger staff that are out on site know, so they can keep an eye out. Plus spread the word to your other friends who are using the trails,” said Kurt Schroeder with Colorado Springs Parks and Cultural Services.

The suggestion to share information is prompted by the report of someone bending a tree down and securing it across a trail at Ute Valley Park.

A mountain biker going up the trail discovered the danger with plenty of time to stop. He says a cyclist going down could have easily been hurt. He posted the incident on a neighborhood on-line forum to warn others who use Ute Valley Park to be on the look-out.

Incidents like this are “rare”, said Trails and Open Space Coalition, Executive Director, Susan Davies. She also points out how incidents like this can raise discussions about crowds and conflicts at open space parks.

An increase in problems has potential to bring added rules and restrictions. “If it does happen more often, absolutely we’re going to see more enforcement. We’re going to see rules. I don’t want to see police out on trails telling us all how to behave,” said Davies.

In Jefferson County, Colorado for example there are some opens space parks with every other day regulations. It allows mountain bikers one day, the hikers only the next.