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Flat Earth International Conference coming to Denver

Posted at 3:53 PM, Oct 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-23 18:47:08-04

DENVER – The 2018 Flat Earth International Conference is coming to Denver this November.

According to the organization, the Flat Earth International Conference is an educational endeavor composed of individuals and organizations uniting around the common purpose of the true scientific inquiry of the created earth.

In explaining their mission, the FEIC says that “most people today subscribe to the espoused heliocentric globe model explanation of our cosmology,” which according to the organization, contends that:

  • The earth spins at 1,040 miles per hour while traveling around the sun at 66,000 miles per hour
  • The entire solar system moves through the Milky Way Galaxy at 490,000 miles per hour
  • The Milky Way Galaxy moves through infinite space at over 1 million miles per hour

According to the FEIC though, every experiment ever conducted to prove these explanations has failed.

The organization says that during the 2018 conference, they will “uncover and debunk pseudo-scientific “facts” while presenting the true evidence which shockingly points to our existence on a flat, stationary plane.”

The 2018 FEIC will be the 2nd annual conference hosted by Kryptoz Media and will feature presenters from various backgrounds and belief systems who have each mad an impact on the larger flat earth community, according to the organization.

On the organization’s official website, they offer some frequently asked questions they receive, such as: “Will I fall off of the edge?” To which they respond, “No. Though there are varying models within the flat earth community, the most commonly depicted model of our earth is that of a circular disk with Antarctica serving as an ice wall barrier.”

Tickets to the event can be found online and will run you $249/person for full 2-day access to conference sessions and events, and $349 for VIP access, front row seating, and access to an exclusive mixer and special speakers dinner. $40 will get you a 2-day online all-access pass to conference sessions and exclusive behind the scenes interviews.

On the organization’s website, the FEIC makes it clear that they are in no way affiliated with the Flat Earth Society.

The event happens November 15th and 16th at the Crowne Plaza Denver Airport Convention Center.

For more information and to buy tickets, you can visit the event website here: FEIC 2018