Woman seeking attorney after Frontier Airlines emotional support squirrel flap

Posted at 7:04 AM, Oct 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-12 09:45:27-04

CLEVELAND – We’re hearing from the woman kicked off a Frontier Airlines flight from Orlando to Cleveland because she brought her emotional support squirrel onboard.

The plane was delayed for two hours because she refused to get off the aircraft.

Cindy Torok says she needs the squirrel, named Daisy, for anxiety. Frontier Airlines says it allows support animals, but not rodents and it wasn’t clear Cindy’s animal was a squirrel before she boarded.

emotional support squirrel
Cindy Torok says she’s seeking help from a lawyer after she was kicked off a Frontier Airlines flight because of her emotional support squirrel.

According to the TSA, “The squirrel was screened the same way someone’s cat would be screened. The container was sent through the x-ray machine while the passenger carried the squirrel through the walk-through metal detector.”

However, when the flight crew saw the animal they decided she needed to leave.

“She said ‘are you getting off the plane? If you don’t then we have to deboard everybody,’ ok deboard them! But I am taking my squirrel with me,” recalled Torok.

The airline refunded her money and gave her a ticket voucher, but Cindy says that’s not enough.

“I will own a big portion of this airline. I’m going for blood. I am going all the way. I am contacting an attorney and take it from there,” said Torok.

Cindy says she can sympathize with people who don’t want a rat or a snake or a spider on a plane, but she doesn’t’ understand why anyone would object to a squirrel inside a carrying case.