Recent rains affecting rafting season

Posted at 6:00 AM, Aug 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-01 17:42:09-04

Some of the rain we’ve been seeing is changing the water levels in the Arkansas River, making it the prefect time to take the family white water rafting.

If you’re just a thrill seeker, the rain is a nice bump for rafting. Raft Masters says the rain may be a plus, but the runoff from our mountain snow is always better and has a bigger impact. The problem this year is that we saw low snowfall and it really didn’t hit the Arkansas River very hard. 

Different agencies actually work together to keep the water levels maintained and right now, it’s a great time to hit the water.
While the levels can be negotiable, wearing a life jacket is not. Raft Masters says the river and reservoir itself can be very unpredictable and rapids can creep up on you. They say even the best swimmers in the world can have a hard time keeping up with the currents in the river sometimes. 

If you’re planning on a white water trip, there are things to look for when it comes to your life jacket.

Make sure your life jacket is u-s coast guard approved.
It should have an approval stamp on the back.
To check that your life jacket fits properly – pull your arms up and make sure it doesn’t go above your ears, if it does, you need to downsize! 

Even though rafting season goes through labor day, the water levels are ideal for families through the end of this month.