Storms in the forecast making Green Mountain Falls resident nervous after flooding

Posted at 7:18 PM, Jul 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-26 21:18:06-04

It’s another day with severe storm warnings, and up in the town of Green Mountain Falls, a forecast of any rain is unsettling to many locals.

Flooding earlier in the week caused some major damage and the on-going series of storms adding to it it making clean-up and recovery a daily necessity.There are several homeowners admittedly nervous over a forecast of more rain this week.

“Oh my gosh yes!” said Green Mountain Falls Resident, Lamar Mathews, “We went from hoping and praying for rain one day to the next day hoping and praying it would not rain. It’s so bizarre.”

Mathews is dealing with some of the worst damage in the town. Her home backs right up to the mountain and the flooding earlier in the week churned away gravel and dirt from the mountain side. “As it came down the mountain it just pushed into the house through the back door. It knocked the backdoor open just the force and weight.” Mathews ended up with more than three feed to sediment in the kitchen at the back or her home. “The mountain came into my house.”

The concern is more rain will send more debris down the mountain.

Just up the road, sandbags look small compared to another debris flow coming off the mountain. The owner of a home threatened by the flow hopes some sandbagging will keep the flow from changing direction toward his house and keep it going through his front yard

Other people on the street said the storm that caused this is like no other they have seen in the town.

“The street in front of my house was a river literally a river flowing at a very rapid speed,” said Green Mountain Falls resident Robert King. The storm dumped more than two inches of rain in less than 30 minutes. “This is the worst water and flooding they’ve had here in some 40 odd years,” said Green Mountain Falls, Homeowner, Greg Loyd.