Victim of porch pirates? Pueblo Police’s online form, kiosks can help

Posted at 9:33 PM, Jul 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-11 16:31:40-05


As more packages are going to be on people’s doorsteps year round, it is important to remember you’ll need some back-up when filing a claim of your order is poached off the porch by a thief.

A woman who did not want to speak on camera for safety reasons shared video with News 5 of someone stealing a package from her home. She described how the item was stolen less than an hour after delivery!

When situations like this occur victims sometimes want an immediate response from police. However, instead of waiting for days for an officer to come to your home there are some quicker solutions for filing a report.

Pueblo Police say hundreds of packages are stolen from people’s homes in Pueblo every year. Resident Tamara Suhm is one of those victims.

“I felt violated in a way. The thought of someone coming into your yard and just taking something that doesn’t belong to them is very upsetting.”

Sergeant Franklyn Ortega of the Pueblo Police Department agrees.

“Obviously being the victim you’re traumatized and you’re feeling bad about what happened, and you want somebody to attend to it and we do too.”

However, he also says that the police department has priorities on how they handle calls for delivery thefts.

“It’s on the lower priority so you’ll be waiting awhile to see the police officer to do the report.”

Waiting is not something you’ll want to do if you’re trying to quickly replace a stolen package.

“Some places want some kind of evidence that you didn’t receive the package and obviously a police report is the best evidence you have that you didn’t get it, somebody stole it.”

Instead of waiting for an officer to make a house call Sergeant Ortega recommends using a system called “P2C and you can do a report online.”

People can also use the system at kiosks at the police station.

“You fill out your information. You describe what was stolen. You put a value on it and you tell us what you know, and it gets in our system.”

Eventually, it’s forwarded to a sergeant for review.

The service is something Suhm had no idea existed.

“That’s a really good service to have. That way people know. They don’t have to call the police and congest their time that might be better served elsewhere.”

News 5 also reached out to Colorado Springs Police. While they don’t have kiosks for people to use officers ask that if this happens to you to call the non-emergency line at 444-7000.

Regardless of what city you are in if you have evidence such as video call police.