Denver man alive after being dragged under light rail train

Posted at 7:47 AM, Jul 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-12 09:47:58-04

A Colorado man is miraculously alive after being dragged under a light rail train in Denver.

While attempting to exit at the Auraria Station, Sam Hynes, who is in his 60’s, was taken for a terrifying ride under, then alongside an RTD light rail train.

The incident began as Hynes tried to get himself and his bike off the train. As you can see in the video above, Hynes struggles to get on the platform. While he is struggling, the train begins to move. He then loses his balance and falls all the way under the train.

A debris guard pushed Hynes out from under the train, but he was not entirely clear.

"He had a little difficulty because it’s cumbersome as you come down the stairs holding the bike," said David Krivit, Hynes’ lawyer.

The train drags Hynes about 35 feet before coming to a stop. He was eventually knocked loosed when he hit a wheelchair ramp.

Hynes survived, but was badly hurt. Paramedics reportedly didn’t receive a call for seven minutes after the incident happened. They showed up four minutes later.

"He had a fractured left clavicle. He broke his fourth and 11th ribs and he also had fractures at T2 and T3 on his spine," said Krivit.

Hynes and Krivit have not filed a lawsuit, but instead asked RTD for an out of court settlement. They also want to see that safety issues are addressed.

"We’re sure that the driver didn’t intend for this to happen. We understand that, but it’s all about how we can learn from this situation and avoid it in the future," said Krivit.

An RDT spokesperson said the driver of the train should have seen Hynes before taking off.