First round of U.S. Senior Open draws thousands of excited fans

Posted at 8:10 PM, Jun 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-28 22:10:01-04

The U.S. Senior Open is drawing thousands of excited fans – all looking to catch a glimpse of the action and take home a keepsake from Thursday’s exciting events.

Golf fans had to put up with the Colorado heat to do it, too.

"Hopefully a little bit of cloud, it’s really hot out there today," said Tom Barger.
Round one was full of unforgettable moments.

"There was a hole-in-one today, so that was exciting!" exclaimed first-time goer Abbie Stultz.

"Getting to see some of the players you only see on TV," added Barger.

"All their hits, they are so big, when I’m trying to look up at the ball I can’t even see it! They’re going up so high," said 8-year-old fan Matthew Crodova.

And for a memory that’ll last forever, fans crowded the merchandise store.

"I got an open shirt, it’s something from here, you’re going to come all the way here, you gotta get something," said Barger.
"Looking for trinkets just to remember the occasion, not everyday does a tour event come to Colorado," said Aaron Armstrong as he exited the check-out lane.

"We’re trying to get all stuff – hats and stuff to remember that you’ve been here and having a lot of fun in there," added Crodova.

Some items are already flying off the shelves.

"The seats that you prop up have been very popular, as well as the umbrellas, a lot of hats," said volunteer Lin Dupre.

You’ll also find volunteers checking guests out at the cash register, there to give their time to be involved in this historic event and share a moment with these eager fans.

"There’s whole families, grandparents," added Dupre. "
It’s been really fun seeing everybody out here."

Since the heat is an issue, it’s important for fans to know there’s a first aid station near the merchandise tent. 
There, you can fill up your water bottle and get medical attention if necessary – all free of charge.