Stop for breakfast with KOAA on Colorado Springs Bike to Work Day today!

Posted at 5:23 AM, Jun 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-27 07:23:42-04
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This is Bike to Work Day in Colorado Springs.!

We know your going to be hungry burning off the calories, so stop by the News 5 spot on the Popsicle Bridge (Pikes Peak Greenway at Van Buren) for pancakes by Over Easy, fruit, energy bars, and drinks. We’ll also have some fun with the KOAA photo booth, giveaways, pancake flip-offs, and Mayor Suthers serving breakfast early.  Breakfast stations are first-come, first-serve. News 5’s Ira Cronin is also at the booth.

Bike to Work Day encourages bicycling for personal and community health, alternative transportation, recreation and sustainability.  Breakfast locations along the trail network are designed to support how people actually ride their bikes to work while highlighting local businesses that support bicycling in the community. Now, instead of having one main location supported by the City, there will be multiple locations supported by the community.

All June is Bike Month. With an increase in Millennials in Colorado Springs, Mayor Suthers believes it’s creating a growing interest in the parks and trails in the area. 

‘A lot of those young people are very interested in getting out on our trails, you know bicycling is a big part of why they came to Colorado Spring,’ said Mayor Suthers. 

The mayor added that Colorado Springs is very attractive for Millenials because of the number of jobs available in the area right now. 

‘Young people are here for those jobs but they’re also very much attracted by the getting out in nature, taking advantage of our parks and trails and bicycling is a big part of that,’ said Suthers.