Spirit Ride carrying symbolic casket makes stop in Colorado Springs

Posted at 10:12 PM, Jun 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-24 00:12:23-04

The "Spirit Ride" relay, which sheds light on how to prevent first responders from getting killed on the road, made a stop in Colorado Springs on Saturday.

"The purpose is to honor the first responders that were hit on roadside and also to raise awareness of the law," said Mike Corbin, an ambassador with Spirit Ride.

The relay carries a casket to more than 300 cities across the country, which represents first responders who have lost their lives working the white line. According to the AAA Colorado, one tow truck driver is killed on the road every six days.

"It makes it very dangerous," added Corbin. "There are many stories that we’ve heard from towers and all first responders that they’re elbow’s being scraped being clipped by a mirror from a truck."

It’s a story Jason Kane is familiar with. On one occasion, a car going full speed smashed the wallet in his back pocket.

"It was loud and I saw his mirror hanging," said Kane, a dispatch manager at Randy’s Towing. "He didn’t stop. It was a little terrifying."

On Saturday, it was up to "Randy’s Rowing" to carry the casket in Colorado Springs. The procession was meant to raise awareness about how important it is to move over for all first responders.

"People will move over for law enforcement when they see the red and blues, I’m here to say that, you know, the ‘ambers’ are there, too," Kane remarked. "And we just ask that you move over. We’re standing in the road just like […] any other first responder."

Even if you can’t move over, Spirit Ride ambassadors say you can at least slow down. And remember it’s not a courtesy – it’s the law, created to protect those who serve.

"These first responders are out there helping you, please respect them […] obey the law, move over, slow down," Corbin pleaded. "Give them room to work and save a life."

The "Spirit Ride" will be going up to Denver next before zipping across Colorado to the west coast, and then plans on ending up in Baltimore by November 16.

These ambassadors rely on donations to fund their trip. If you’d like to find out how you can donate and become a sponsor, you can visit this link.