Hail storm shatters glass, damages homes, cars in Fountain

Posted at 3:54 PM, Jun 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-13 17:54:20-04

Last night’s storm did more than disrupt sleep. It dropped large hail over areas south of Colorado Springs. The largest hail recorded measured 3" near Fountain. That’s larger than the size of a baseball.

Hail that large can do a good deal of damage and that was the case for some neighborhoods. Broken windshields, damaged roofs, dented mailboxes, stripped trees, and pummeled siding were common sights around parts of Fountain as neighbors tried to clean up today. 

Homeowners, auto shops, roofers, towing companies, and  insurance companies will have at least several busy weeks ahead trying to sort out and repair damage.

Storms, especially severe ones, typically fire up in the afternoon and evening around Colorado so this storm was an anomaly. One bright side to the timing was that most people were already indoors when the storm hit, which is where you want to be when large hail is falling outside. Most cars were also off of the road so there were fewer opportunities for additional accidents as windshields broke. 

More storms are in the forecast. Today some of those could again be on the strong to severe side. We’ll continue to have at least a chance for stray showers or storms in the forecast through the middle of next week.