LeBron James to the Nuggets? Why not?!

Posted at 11:03 PM, Jun 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-12 01:03:00-04

Remember when Peyton Manning came to Denver? 

Imagine that but make it King Sized, a scenario in which LeBron James came to the Nuggets in free agency. 

Is it ridiculous? Yes. 

Is it totally possible? You bet. 

If you missed it last week, after the Golden State Warriors swept LeBron and the Cavaliers in the NBA Finals, King James became a free agent. And on the NBA Open Market, his asking price will be large and demands larger. 

There are the suitors already out there; Lakers, Rockets, Spurs, 76ers and Oklahoma City. But let’s break down what Denver has to offer, which is a lot. The Nuggets have a young core group that he can not only work with to improve but play with right away to make them a consistent contender in the Western Conference for years to come. 

Jamal Murray, Gary Harris, Paul Milsap, Nikola Jokic…… and LeBron James as a starting five. I’ll take that starting five every night and deep into the Western Conference playoff race. 

Money? More than $107M in cap space. And if they make a few more off season moves, they can free up even more. 

Not a big enough media market in Mountains? You’re LeBron James. You’re starring in the Space Jam reboot. My mom knows who you are. 

People thought Peyton Manning was crazy coming to Denver to end his career and how did that turn out? Ask the AFC West and Super Bowl 50. 

Take a look at the Nuggets, James. You want to call the shots and bring in the guys you want? You can be GM, too.