41 residents displaced after Colorado Springs apartment fire

Posted at 5:48 PM, Jun 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-12 19:48:36-04

41 people were displaced in an apartment fire on Monday evening in Colorado Springs.

It broke out at the Lionstone Apartments off of Platte and Murray just before 6 p.m.

Fire investigators spent most of Tuesday working to figure out what caused this fire.

It destroyed one entire building and fire investigators believe it may have started outside.

They tell News 5 that three people were hurt trying to escape the fire and one dog and two hamsters were killed.

A K-9 unit, arson, bomb squad, ATF, CSFD and CSPD investigators were working to find out the cause and origin of the fire on Tuesday which is still under investigation as of Tuesday afternoon.

Fire investigators say in these hot, dry conditions, people living in apartment complexes should be on higher alert too 

"It’s no different for our building construction, that dries out the same way, our relative humidity goes down, so do the building construction pieces on these apartments so if there is a kindle, some type of start, it is going to burn even more quickly than say if we were having a high relative humidity or some moisture once in awhile," Capt. Brian Vaughan, a spokesman for the Colorado Springs Fire Department said.

And they recommend having a plan ready.

"It’s important that we always keep our heads on a swivel when we live in multifamily homes because of that. Make sure your smoke alarms are working, have that early warning, get out, stay out, make sure you have a head count of your family and stay in a position where authorities can help you" Vaughan said.

If any displaced residents need help during this difficult time, they’re advised to contact the Pikes Peak Red Cross directly at (719) 632-3563.??