No breakfast, IHOB is the International House of Burgers

Posted at 7:37 AM, Jun 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-11 09:37:17-04

On Monday, IHOP changed its name to IHOB, the International House of Burgers.

After recently announcing they would flip the ‘p’ to ‘b’, restaurant and breakfast connoisseurs have been offering their guesses as to what the "b" would stand for.

Monday, the former International House of Pancakes changes its Twitter handle to @IHOb. The restaurant’s bio says "Burgers so burgerin’ good, we changed our name to IHOb. For burgers."

The pancake chain, which had been known as IHOP for 60 years, previewed the name change on Twitter last week. The company encouraged customers to guess what the ‘b’ would stand for, but not many were guessing burgers.

“Everyone knows that IHOP makes world-famous pancakes so we felt like the best way to convince them that we are as serious about our new line of Ultimate Steakburgers as we are about our pancakes, was to change our name to IHOb,” said Chief Marketing Officer Brad Haley in a statement on the company’s website.