Kids from all over southern Colorado compete in Pikes Peak Soap Box Derby

Posted at 10:35 PM, Jun 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-11 00:35:41-04

Sunday morning, kids from all over southern Colorado competed in the top spots at the Pikes Peak Soap Box Derby.

This year, a special group from Salida earned several titles.

The Pikes Peak Soap Box Derby drew kids from southern Colorado, all racing to make their dreams of becoming a champion come true.

"The car came and that’s when we got excited," said 8-year-old Bri Ridley.

Competing is a special group of five kids from Salida, including last year’s champion.

"It was really fun, that was one of the best experiences of my life," said 11-year-old Hunter Cornette.

The process of building the race cars also helps build stronger relationships within these families.

"It’s the fun of competition for one," said Jody Shanklin, the director of Pikes Peak Soap Box Derby.
"but it also promotes child-parent bonding because they have to build the car together."

And even though the work may not be proportionate…

"I didn’t really do much with the car. It’s really fun to drive the car, though," said 10-year-old A.J. Abbott.

To parents, seeing the joy beaming from these kids is the ultimate payoff.

"Hard to build, you know, hard to get them set up, get them going," said Bri’s dad Donny Martinez.
"But other than that yeah, just seeing a smile on their faces and seeing them go down them hills, man, it makes it all worth it."

After passing several safety inspections, the race cars get the green light.
And now it’s up to these kids to settle into their race cars and drive home a top spot.

"It’s been hectic but it’s going to pay out when we see them go down the racetrack," said Carlos Cornette.
"We’re hoping that we’ve got cars at the end."

News 5 has the race’s results:
Out of the Salida group, A.J. Abbott came in third place in the stock category, which is for kids between 7 and 13 years old.
 Meanwhile, siblings Callie and Matthew Mueller came in first and second place in the stock category.
Lauren Ingram from Colorado Springs took first place in the super stock category, which is for kids aged 9 to 18.
Datoka and Shawn Ridley from Salida came in second and third place in that category.

First place winners will traveling to Akron, Ohio tomorrow to compete in the International Soap Box Derby.