Garett Bolles gives back to Southern Colorado with football camp

Posted at 12:43 AM, Jun 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-08 02:43:01-04

As Garett Bolles gets ready for his first football camp as an NFL Pro, he can’t help but think about the first time he was in Southern Colorado. 

"I don’t know if too many people know about the food down there – it’s fantastic food!" Bolles said. 

They are well aware but if they weren’t before – the people of Pueblo and Colorado Springs, who he met on his LDS Church Mission before attending the University of Utah say thanks, 

"I have a special connection down there," he said. "A lot of people I love and continue to keep in contact with and I call them family. Southern Colorado is family to me, knowing that I served those people for so long." 

He’ll be holding a three day football and cheer camp at Fountain-Fort Carson High School Friday June 8th to Sunday June 10th. 

Those with special disabilities are also welcome to the camp. 

"It’s nothing better than to give back to those people. Some of them can’t walk well or people that you have to use hands to communicate with and I’m just grateful I get to reach out to those kids."

Bolles has been hard at work on the fields up at Dove Valley during the Broncos OTA off season work. He knows there is room to improve from last year as a rookie in the NFL, learning defense, specific defenders, the ins and outs of being a pro and a father. 

"Garett Bolles in year two is a completely different player, I feel like," he said. "I’m stronger, I’m faster, I’ve put on a lot more size so I don’t really get pushed around.

Not only that but I have great coaches, my coaches have me doing stuff on the field that’s going to help me – the way we set and I’m not going to be going backwards and I’m going to be getting on them fast and using my athletic ability to craft my game so that I can be the best left tackle in the game."