Milwaukee Police tackle man who came right into bomb squad call

Posted at 10:29 AM, May 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-21 12:29:58-04

Officers in Milwaukee were shocked Monday morning when a man rode his bike right into the scene of a suspicious package call and started tearing apart a backpack.

NBC affiliate TMJ reports Milwaukee Police had shut down a corner in downtown around 7 a.m. for the unattended item. The entire area was surrounded by crime scene tape, officers in uniform and plainclothes officers.

The bomb squad was already on scene dealing with the situation. A tech had attached a wire to the backpack to bring in down from on top of a box and into the open. 

But then the man rides in fast on a bicycle, jumps off and starts dumping the contents on the street.

He look upset at not finding something, then was tackled from behind by a police officer. Other officers rushed in to handcuff the man. Soon afterward an officer in plainclothes went to check if there was anything dangerous in the backpack, since the scene was already disturbed.

It is not clear if the man had any connection to the backpack left on the street.