Construction halted on cell tower near elementary school playground

Posted at 6:19 PM, Apr 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-25 20:19:29-04

"I don’t think it’s safe at all.

Rebecca Fuqua says she and other parents of Rudy Elementary students were never given a heads up about a construction site at their childrens school.

"They thought they were just expanding the play area or making it nicer.  And that’s what I thought too," Fuqua, who has two children at Rudy Elementary School, told News5.

Which is why they were shocked to learn it’s the future site of a cell tower–right next to the school’s playground.

"I think there’s a potential risk with radiation and it’s very alarming to me."

D11 says they wouldn’t have signed off on the deal with Branch Communications is it meant putting students in danger.

"We were never presented with any conclusive evidence that it is harmful to people," said Devra Ashby, with District 11.

That’s not convincing enough, though, for several parents–including Fuqua.

"We don’t know how much radiation it gives off, but we do know it does give off some radiation," she said.

"To me, our Rudy children are out first priority as far as safety, and that concerns me."

D11 said the money from the cell tower would have gone into the district’s general fund.

They tell News5 the concerns being voiced over this project are now more of a priority.

"We are starting to hear a little bit of concern in that area," said Ashby.

"We’re actually putting a pause on the process right now because we want to make sure we’re hearing all the concerns–because we didn’t hear any at the beginning of the process," she added.

There’s no word yet on if a public forum will be held, to discuss the construction in the future.