Hundreds of D11 students expected to demonstrate at state capitol

Posted at 6:28 PM, Apr 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-23 20:28:48-04

All D11 schools will be closed for students on Friday, with the district anticipating hundreds of teachers calling out that day to protest at the state capitol.

They’ll be joining upwards of 10,000 teachers this week, who plan to demonstrate at the capitol–asking more more public education funding.

D11 says they’re not calling this a strike–or even a walk out– but a day of action.

They expect it will be the only one this school year.
Colorado Springs Education Association President Kevin Vick says they’re extremely grateful for what local voters have done for them–especially after passing the mill levy override last year.

Teachers’ message on Friday is directed toward state lawmakers, according to Vick.

"Our local efforts will still get undermined if the state doesn’t act and do their part to make sure we’re getting the funding and support in education in general," Vick told News5.

He admits canceling school Friday may be an inconvenience for parents, but says it will ultimately benefit students.

"We understand the frustrations–possibly–but this is for the larger, big picture of making sure the environment and the funding and the support for their student is taken care of into the future."

Friday is still considered a "work day" for teachers in D11.

All Canon City schools will also be closed to students on Friday.