Colorado exceeds national average on preparedness index

Posted at 3:52 AM, Apr 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-24 05:52:43-04

The National Health Security Preparedness Index released its annual study this month, and the results show Colorado may be better prepared than other states when it comes to emergencies that pose health risks. 

The index ranks each state on 140 different measures, including: percentage of bridges that are in good or fair condition, number of pediatricians, and flu vaccination rates. 

When it comes to responding to emergencies or disasters in Colorado Springs, the city’s Office of Emergency Management says they work alongside several agencies including the El Paso County Office of Emergency Management, El Paso County Public Health, El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, and even the Humane Society. 

‘We get with them several times a year, some of them we get together every month and talk about what we can dot to help each other be better prepared to respond to the needs of the community,’ said Gordon Brenner, Recover Coordinator for the Colorado Springs Office of Emergency Management. 

Brenner adds that the city holds training exercises twice a year to make sure everyone is prepared in case of an emergency.  

The national index, focuses mainly on these disasters that pose a health risk: this includes extreme weather conditions.  

For a full list of the results, click here: National Health Security Preparedness Index- Colorado