Numerous road closures remain across eastern Colorado

Posted at 6:10 AM, Apr 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-14 08:10:38-04

A powerful spring storm blew into eastern Colorado on Friday causing a number of road closures.

High wind warnings and blizzard warnings were issued across Colorado’s eastern plains, as well as western Kansas.

Empty and light, high profile vehicles were prohibited on many roads on the east side of the state due to high winds.

Traction laws have also been enacted in many areas in the high country, including I-70 westbound/eastbound between Vail and Copper Mountain, and I-70 westbound/eastbound between Silverthorne and Bakerville. 

On Saturday morning, a high wind warning was issued for the eastern plains through 6 p.m.

You can find more information on closures here: CDOT

The following is a list of road closures and traction laws that are in place as of roughly 5 a.m. Saturday morning:

Traction law: I-70 Westbound / Eastbound between Vail and Copper Mountain (Milemarker 178-195)

Road Closed: I-70 Westbound Kansas – Limon (Milemarker 449-362)

Road Closed: I-70 Eastbound Airpark – Kansas (Milemarker 292-449)

Road Closed: I-70 Eastbound Exit 405 Seibert (Milemarker 405)

Road Closed: I-76 Eastbound / Westbound Sterling – Nebraska (Milemarker 124-184)

Road Closed: US 6 Westbound / Eastbound Sterling – Nebraska (Milemarker 407-467)

Road Closed: US 24 Eastbound Calhan – Limon (Milemarker 339-378)

Road Closed: US 34 Westbound / Eastbound Brush – Nebraska (Milemarker 174-259)

Road Closed: US 36 Westbound / Eastbound Byers-Kansas (Milemarker 101-224)

Road Closed: US 40 Westbound / Eastbound Limon – Kansas (Milemarker 387-486)

Road Closed: US 287 Southbound / Northbound Eads – Kit Carson (Milemarker 113-133)

Road Closed: US 385 Southbound / Northbound Cheyenne Wells-Julesburg (Milemarker 150-311)

Road Closed: CO 23 Southbound / Northbound Holyoke to Nebraska (Milemarker 1-17)

Road Closed: CO 59 Southbound / Northbound Kit Carson – Cope (Milemarker 0-67)

Road Closed: CO 59 Southbound / Northbound Haxtun – US 36 (Milemarker 147-74)

Road Closed: CO 61 Southbound / Northbound Sterling – Otis (Milemarker 40-0)

Road Closed: CO 63 Southbound / Northbound US-36 – I-76 (Milemarker 0-53)

Road Closed: CO 71 Southbound / Northbound Limon – Ordway (Milemarker 103-27)

Road Closed: CO 138 Westbound / Eastbound Sterling – Nebraska (Milemarker 0-60)