Early steps you can take to prepare for high winds

Posted at 8:24 AM, Apr 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-12 10:24:28-04

The winds we’re expecting today and tomorrow, are not that far off from what we saw last January and right now you can take steps to limit the scale of damage.

Start by removing dead trees from your property, and trimming branches. Be sure to bring items inside that you think could be at risk of being blown away or secure them outside using ties or bungees. This includes patio furniture, trash cans, and lawn decorations. Finally when the storm hits, try to stay inside!

"There is potential there for debris to be flying, hopefully nothing too severe but if we can minimize the risk factor and be indoors, especially during those high winds, minimize travel as well, those are things we can encourage people to do," said Kevin Madsen with the Colorado Springs Office of Emergency Management. 

Once the storm is over assess the damage! If you see a downed power line there’s a chance it could still be active, so call your utilities provider. They’ll take it from there. If it’s more serious, and someone is trapped by a power line, that’s when you should call 911.

Of course, truck drivers need to be extra careful with today’s wind. We’ve seen them blow over when the wind gets really strong. For most of us, you’ll probably just have to grip the steering wheel a little tighter today.