Results for Calhan, Monument, Palmer Lake and Woodland Park city elections

Posted at 9:06 PM, Apr 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-03 23:06:46-04

Tuesday night several communities around southern Colorado held city elections to elect mayors and council members.


Mayoral Race 

David Kline 11
Cameron Chaussee  91

Board of Trustees- All four were elected

Roger Levy 89
Mike Osborne 67
Roger Lemesany 96
Tyler Chaussee  72


Mayoral Race

Jeffrey Bornstein 462
Don Wilson 794

Board of Trustees- Three open seats

Laurie Clark 786
Kelly W. Elliott 686
Jeff Lampman 601
Shea B. Melicott 584
Ron Stephens 666

Palmer Lake

Mayoral Race

John Cressman 205
Alex Farr 109
Ken Dickinson 78

Board of Trustees- Four seats open

Mitch Davis 218
Mike Elliot 157
Glant Havenar 222
Lawrence Nagle 139
Gary Faust 247
Robert Mutu 212

Ballot Question #1- Asking voters to move election to November of even years to coincide with the general election.

Yes 368
No 19

Woodland Park

Mayoral Race

Neil Levy 1183
Val Carr 1007

City Council- There were three open seats.

George Jones 884
Kellie Case 1201
Noel Sawyer 994
Hillary LaBarre 1058
Mark Maruszak 982
John V. Schafer 996

Woodland Park’s city clerk said the race for the final council seat is too close to call. John Schafer, Noel Sawyer and Mark Maruszak are still in the running for the final seat.

These are unofficial results and will be certified later this month.