Emotional day for those forced from their homes in Carson Midway Fire

Posted at 10:47 PM, Mar 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-17 00:47:18-04

On Friday night, people forced from their homes from the Carson Midway fire had a difficult night ahead of them.

Authorities confirmed that multiple structures were lost, and people have not been allowed to return to their homes. Evacuee Michael Kose described it as a hectic and terrifying afternoon.

"It’s like a war zone. Trucks, sheriff, fire department, everyone flying up and down the road back and forth. Helicopters, everything." Kose said.

He was able to recover his important documents and belongings and left his home in time.

For Deanna Ealey, there were moments of panic when she got separated from her husband when she was at work when the fire began.

"I ask that cop over there if he’ll let me back and he said no. He said they’re evacuating everybody. I haven’t seen my husband yet and I’m starting to freak out."

For Ealey is was an afternoon of stress and thinking of the worst, until she was reunited with her husband at an evacuation center.

But for those who live in the evacuation zone, they still have to wonder whether there will be a home to return to when orders are lifted.

"(I’m) wondering if the house is still gonna be there. Wondering if people we know, their houses are still gonna be there." Kose said.