More than 200 dogs line up to greet man on his 100th birthday

More than 200 dogs line up to greet man on his 100th birthday
Posted at 7:45 AM, Jun 26, 2023
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To help celebrate a dog-loving centenarian on his birthday, more than 200 dogs and their owners lined up for a dog parade to wish him well.

Robert Moore turned 100 on June 14, and because he’s been a dog guy his whole life, his daughter Alison thought a great way to celebrate would be for a bunch of dogs to come say hi.

“He just love, love, loves dogs,” Alison Moore told the Washington Post. “Every dog he sees, he wants to pet. He has been like that his whole life.”

Robert hasn’t had a dog himself in a while, so when his family comes to visit him at his assisted living community, they try and bring a dog along with them since they know he loves it.

So Alison posted on the neighborhood app Nextdoor and on Facebook asking people to bring their canines to her house in the Willow Glen neighborhood of San Jose, California, on June 16 to say hello as part of his centennial celebration. She thought maybe a couple of dozen dogs would come.

Instead, 200 did, and the line of humans and canines went all the way around the block, as you can see in this video shared by his granddaughter Caroline Moore.

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Moore, who was the dean of applied sciences and arts at San Jose State University for 25 years, sat in his wheelchair and petted all the dogs who came, one by one, as shown in this image shared on WeRateDogs.

NBC Bay Area reported that among the well-wishers were a samoyed riding in a green classic car (another of Robert Moore’s loves) and a pup who had its own wheelchair.

Many dogs were dressed up in costume, like this tux-wearing neighbor dog with a Happy Birthday sign pinned to his halter.

People also brought cards, posters, balloons, cupcakes and other gifts, and signed a larger card for Moore. The Moores also had treats available for dogs and humans alike.

“My father, he was so touched,” Alison Moore told NBC Bay Area. “He pet every single dog that came through. Every person brought the dog up to him. It was so lovely.”

Happy 100th, Dr. Moore!

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