Community adopting a Florence High School senior

Florence High School
Posted at 3:11 PM, Feb 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-09 18:29:36-05

FLORENCE, CO — The pandemic has impacted all of our lives in one way or another. Being a senior in high school means missing out on some of the most exciting times of their lives, but a local community is stepping up.

With the help of a FaceBook group, people can now sign up to adopt one of the nearly 90 seniors at Florence High School. The community hopes to provide words of encouragement and support during what's been a challenging school year.

The community understands this year has been far from normal for seniors like Jordan Martinez and Isaac Weaver.

"We're lucky to be in school, but it's kind of hard because it's not like a normal year, so nothing is promised," said Martinez. "It kind of makes me feel appreciated and know that I have back up, and people wanting to push me to graduate and see me succeed."

"I've had to step up, many of us have had to step up as leaders, as students, its been difficult," said Weaver.

What wasn't difficult though was the community coming together to support seniors at the high school. Cinda Ruby, a member in the community, brought the idea forward in the beginning of February to adopt a senior.

"It's just let them know that we understand a lot has been taken from them their senior year, and encourage them to keep going," said Ruby.

As seniors are missing out on some of the biggest milestones, Ruby and others are giving small gifts like gift cards, candy, books, hand-written letters and words of encouragement as graduation is nearing.

"I hope it does encourage them and make them feel special in a time that they're missing out," said Ruby.

Martinez and Weaver have both been adopted by a member in the community as they're looking forward to starting the next chapter in their lives.

"It's very focused on keeping us entertained and loved and nourished by a community," said Weaver. "It's a great effort to get the seniors ready to leave this building."

There's a FaceBook group where parents or seniors can post information about a senior they know, or themselves. In the group, community members can reach out and choose to adopt someone.

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