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Where is the snow? Southern Colorado now past its average first snowfall

First Snowfall Data
COS Latest First Snow
PUB Latest First Snow
National Blend of Models
Posted at 5:42 PM, Nov 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-09 12:59:55-05

** Data shown below for Colorado Springs is from the Colorado Springs Municipal Airport (COS), where records have been kept since 1948. Prior to that, weather observations were taken from various locations throughout town as far back as the early 1900s, and some data is missing. **

** Data shown for Pueblo is mostly from the Pueblo Memorial Airport (PUB), where records have been kept since 1954. Before that, snowfall data was reported from multiple sites in town, dating back to 1888. All entries on the Latest First Snow on Record for Pueblo graphic in my story are from the airport, except for the top entry, from December 24, 1939. **

By early to mid November, the first snow of the season is almost a guarantee for the Pikes Peak Region and parts of Southern Colorado.

But this year instead of shoveling snow, we're setting heat records.

It's November 8th and in Colorado Springs, we still haven't seen any measurable snowfall this season. The same can also be said for Pueblo!

First Snowfall Data
First Snowfall Data for Colorado Springs and Pueblo

In looking at the graphic above, we're now officially past the date of our average first snowfall in both cities.

Based on climatology, the average is October 26th for Colorado Springs, and November 6th for Pueblo.

In Colorado Springs, the latest first measurable snow on record happened five years ago, when it didn't snow until December 2nd.

In Pueblo, the latest snowfall on record happened on Christmas Eve, 1939.

With no snow on the horizon, will this year come close to breaking any records?

COS Latest First Snow
Top-5 Latest First Snows on Record for Colorado Springs

It might be too soon to tell, but take a look at this graphic that shows the top-5 latest first snowfalls on record for Colorado Springs.

Number 5 is November 21st, which is less than two weeks out.

Every entry on this list has occurred within the past 18 years, and all in this century.

PUB Latest First Snow
Top-5 Latest First Snow on Record for Pueblo

For Pueblo, we've just passed the average first snowfall date of November 6th.

The outlook is dry in the days ahead, but we're currently not close to cracking into the top-5.

On this list, every date for the latest first snowfall on record has happened in December, with the number one spot belonging to December 24th.

Now let's look at some model data featuring the National Blend of Models (NBM).

National Blend of Models
National Blend of Models (NBM) snowfall outlook through next Wednesday, November 17th

For the next seven days, the snow in our state will stay mostly over the mountains.

But if we expand the data into more murky territory, it appears that there's at least a chance for some snow out towards the middle of next week from Denver south into the Pikes Peak Region

With this being more than a week out, we'll have to keep a close eye on the progression of this potential shift in the weather pattern.

In the meantime...if it's snow you want, keep up those snow dances.