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Weather extremes of Halloweens past

Posted at 2:53 PM, Oct 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-29 21:17:58-04

Do you have memories of that one particularly cold Halloween night or perhaps one year you didn't have to wear your winter coat with your costume? Let's reminisce on the ghosts of Halloween past. Coldest Halloween

In Colorado Springs, the coldest Halloween day was in 2002 with an abominable high of 24°. The coldest Halloween night was in 2019 with a low of 7°! For Pueblo, the coldest day was 29° in 1972 and 2002. The coldest night was a bone-chilling -5° in 2019.

Warmest Halloween

Let's reflect on those lucky trick-or-treating years of the warmest Halloweens. In Colorado Springs, the warmest day was a boo-tiful 80° and night was 47° both in 2016. For Pueblo, the warmest day was a wicked 84° in 2016. The warmest night was 42° in 1987.

Snowiest Halloween

Frightful or enchanting? The snowiest Halloween on record was from 1972 where Colorado Springs saw 13.8 inches of snow and Pueblo saw 12.6 inches.

Records go back to 1948 in Colorado Springs and 1954 in Pueblo. What extreme Halloween do you remember most?