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Summer sizzle the real deal for Southern Colorado in 2021

100 Degree Days in Colorado Springs
Posted at 5:47 PM, Sep 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-14 20:16:06-04

You're not imagining things if you feel this summer was really hot for Colorado.

Colorado Springs came within one degree of an all-time record back on June 16, with a high of 100 degrees.

This year's 100 degrees high is only the tenth time that's happened in Colorado Springs since 1894.

Although 100 degree days are somewhat of an anomaly in the city, 90 degree days are becoming much more common.

This year we saw a well above average number of days in the 90s with 40 in total.

The most ever came just last year when we recorded 52 days, well more than double the 30-year average.

In Pueblo, 90 degree days are a dime a dozen in summer.

This year we saw 10 days with high heat, two less than the average.

Two times we've reported 28 days in the triple digits all within the past 20 years.

Last year, we were hotter with 23 triple-digit days at the Pueblo Airport.

Even though it's cool and stormy today, the extended forecast will feature more late summer sunshine and heat.