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Spring snowfall pushes us above average for the season

Last Snow Details
Colorado Springs Monthly Snowfall
Pueblo Monthly Snowfall
Posted at 6:14 PM, Apr 27, 2021

With Spring in full swing, we'll soon see a transition from snow to thunderstorms and hail.

With more snow possible through Wednesday, we might not not be done with winter weather just yet.

If we do see any snow, it would come more than a week past our average last snowfall of the season.

That date is April 19th in Colorado Springs and April 13th in Pueblo.

Last Snow Details
Last Snow Details for the season for Southern Colorado

The latest measurable snowfall on record for Colorado Springs occurred in 1975, when 1.1" of snow fell at the airport on June 10th.

For Pueblo, we go back to the year 2001, when 0.2" of snow was reported at the airport on May 21st.

Last year, both areas saw snow on April 16h. This year, we've surpassed that with measurable snowfall occurring on April 20th.

If we receive any additional snow over the next 24 hours, we'll see that date get pushed back.

Colorado Springs Monthly Snowfall
2020/21 Monthly Snowfall totals for Colorado Springs

To date this season, we've seen above average snowfall with more than 53" at the Colorado Springs Airport. The average is 36.5".

We were snowiest in March, which on average is the snowiest month of the year.

Pueblo Monthly Snowfall
2020/21 Monthly Snowfall totals for Pueblo

In spite of La Nina, Pueblo has also seen above average snowfall.

Our snowiest month came back in October, with more than 11" of snowfall.

November and December didn't deliver much, but so far in 2021, the Pueblo Airport has seen above average snowfall every month but March.