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Record highs smashed on Thursday in southern Colorado

Westcliffe Sunset
Posted at 4:28 PM, Jun 05, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-05 21:45:25-04

Today, Colorado Springs and Pueblo experienced two significant events in relation to the heat.

Colorado Springs saw its first 90° this year and broke the daily record high at 94°, beating the old record of 92° from 2011.

Record high temperatures June 5, 2020

In Pueblo, the first 100° day was felt while also breaking the daily record high at 101°, previously 100° in 2018.

From a seasonal perspective, the first 90° in Colorado Springs on average lands on June 15th. And for Pueblo the first 100° typically falls on June 24th.

While we are lucky to have a dry heat in Colorado, heat index values still get into dangerous zones on days like this.

Specifically for those who are working labor outdoors or exercising, and the elderly, heat related illness will be more common through the rest of summer.

Know the signs

Heat exhaustion is characterized by dizziness, excessive sweating. The body temperature will be near normal, but the skin will feel cool. Other symptoms include vomiting, abnormal pulse, and muscle cramps.

Heat stroke is more serious and at the point the body will stop sweating and body temperature will be above 103°. In addition, a headache, vomiting, abnormal pulse and loss of consciousness are possible symptoms.

Call 911 in both of these situations, especially with signs of heat stroke!

It's important to take it easy, stay hydrated and listen to your body when the temperature gets uncomfortably hot.