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Memorial Day Weekend Pollen Forecast

Pollen Forecast for Colorado Springs on Memorial Day Weekend 2024
Posted at 6:36 PM, May 23, 2024

We're in peak pollen season in Colorado- as is most of the country. But, as usual, the Rocky Mountains and our unique climate make things more interesting. Here's a primer on pollen forecasting, and what to expect over Memorial Day Weekend if you or your friends and family suffer from seasonal allergies.



Tree pollen is peaking right now. But, grass pollen is now gradually becoming more of an issue, and will overlap with tree pollen in the coming weeks

Tree pollen is worst spring. In southern Colorado, the biggest offenders include Juniper, Oak, Maple, Poplar, and Ponderosa Pine trees. One interesting note: although we do get a lot of pine pollen in Colorado, it's not one of the trees that most of us have allergies to...often, it's another tree. Tree pollen begins to be an issue for us in March, and continues through June. Grass pollen peaks in June-September. Weed pollen peaks from August-November. Thanks to our dry climate, mold isn't a big concern in Colorado compared to most other parts of the country in winter. Mold generally thrives in consistently wet climates.


If you do suffer from allergies, regardless of the time of year, you'll be most likely to be affected in the the afternoons and early evenings. Pollen levels mirror conditions that are good (or bad) for plants: overnight pollen counts are lowest, and afternoons when the sun is up are highest. There is a bit of a catch: if a rain storm rolls through, the rain will wash the pollen out of the air. Score one point for thunderstorms!


For allergy sufferers, there is some good...and some bad...with Colorado's weather as it applies to pollen levels

Our climate is a double-edged sword in affecting our pollen counts. Colorado is very windy - and tree pollen in particular is transported by wind. Our downslope windstorm days make our pollen levels spike significantly. But, pollen requires plants. Because the state, especially east of the Front Range, is fairly dry, we have less dense coverage of plants, which reduces pollen levels. And - of course - the Rockies add a special twist to the equation. At high elevations, tree and flower blooms occur later. Many of us suffer from one type of allergies, but not another. This means you might be perfectly fine in mid-summer in Colorado Springs or Pueblo, but when you go into the mountains for a weekend trip, you'll experience symptoms...because at those higher elevations flowers and trees are still going through earlier phases of pollination.


Pollen Forecast for Colorado Springs on Memorial Day Weekend 2024
Pollen Forecast for Colorado Springs on Memorial Day Weekend 2024

Many of us will be outside for Memorial Day Weekend. Tree pollen is the main player right now, with grass pollen just beginning to arrive on the scene at lower elevations. Friday will be our best pollen day, Saturday will have high pollen, Sunday's levels will be very high, and Monday will be back to high concentrations once again. In the mountains, Saturday will be slightly worse than Sunday...but both days will be "high" for tree pollen.

If you do plan to head to the mountains this weekend - keep in mind that allergy symptoms can start sooner due to the lower air pressure at those elevations. This is due to changes in your body that occur at higher elevations, as well as often higher wind speeds...which as noted above, increase pollen levels.


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