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February climate averages of Colorado Springs vs. Beijing, China

February Climate Comparison
Beijing Seven Day Forecast
Posted at 4:31 PM, Feb 14, 2022

COLORADO SPRINGS — A rare winter storm brought several inches of fresh snow to the Winter Olympics this past week.

While the snow is a welcomed sight, blizzard-like conditions resulted in the cancellation of several alpine events.

Beijing on average only sees around 1-2" of snow during the entirety of winter as most precipitation here falls in the summer when the monsoon is active.

Let's dive in with a closer look at February climatology for the host Olympic city and Colorado Springs, AKA, Olympic City U.S.A.

February Climate Comparison
February climate comparison between Colorado Springs and Beijing, China

In the Springs, we average 4.6" of snow in the month of February, which is our fourth snowiest of the year.

We see our most snow of any month in March, with an average of 5.7".

It's been hard to find exact climate data for Beijing, but in comparing multiple websites, the host city on average only sees a few tenths of an inch of snow.

Overall, both cities tend to experience similar temperatures this time of the year, but Beijing's average temperature is colder than Colorado Springs.

February in Colorado Springs is our third coldest month of the year, with an average low of 20.2 degrees and an average high of 46.5 degrees.

While it's Monday evening here in Southern Colorado, it's Tuesday in Beijing.

The forecast

Beijing Seven Day Forecast
Beijing Seven Day Forecast

The forecast for Beijing will stay mostly cloudy and cold, with a high up near 28 degrees.

Above freezing temperatures will return through the rest of the week, with the potential for a few flurries or light snow showers on Friday.

Sunshine will follow for the final weekend of the Winter Games.

The games will conclude at the end of this weekend, and you can watch NBC's coverage of the closing ceremony right here on News 5, Sunday night in primetime.