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December was mild with just enough snow for Colorado Springs

Daniel Forster Cheyenne Mountain
Posted at 2:42 PM, Dec 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-30 20:35:58-05

In southern Colorado, December 2020 was generally warmer than average with just barely enough snow for some, while others were lacking.


With one more day yet to go, the average high this month was 47.1 degrees in Colorado Springs. Typically, the monthly average high is 42.1 degrees. For Pueblo, the average high was 49.7 which was warmer than the typical monthly average high of 46.


Colorado Springs wrapped up the month with a respectable 5.1" of snow, just below the average of 5.7". But, when melted down the snow totaled 0.52" of liquid precipitation in 2020, which is above the average of 0.34". This means that the water content of each inch of snow this month was higher than average.

Pueblo on the other hand had a rough month with only 1.4" of snow, with the average being 5.5".

This was common across the state this month, with some spots receiving lack-luster snow totals and others receiving just enough. For instance, the Denver Stapleton weather site saw 6.4" this month, ending up below the average of 8.3".

The slow season is beginning to leave its mark on the high country. The snowpack as of December 29th is at 85% of normal statewide. The Rio Grande Basin, fed from the San Juans, is the only zone above average at this time.