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Average first snowfall of the season for Colorado Springs is today!

First Snowfall Stats
Colorado Springs First Snow
Probability of measurable snow
KOAA snow bet finals - 10/26/22
Posted at 6:05 PM, Oct 26, 2022

With the First Alert 5 Weather team talking about the possibility of snow on Thursday, we wanted to dive in a little deeper to find out if that's a common thing for us this time of the year.

As it turns out, based on the latest climatology, today, October 26th is the date of the average first snowfall of the season for the Colorado Springs Airport.

That's the official record keeper for weather in Colorado Springs.

First Snowfall Stats
First snowfall statistics for Colorado Springs and Pueblo

For Pueblo, we're still more than 10 days away from our average first snowfall. That date is November 6th.

The earliest measurable as you can see in Pueblo happened just two years ago in 2020.

In the Springs, our earliest snowfall on record dates back to September 3, 1961.

If you're a fan of history and weather records like I am, you might notice that the greatest first snowfall on record in Colorado Springs dates back to 1997, the year of the historic blizzard that crippled the city and took seven lives.

Since we're still waiting to see if Thursday's storm will deliver, let's look back at the last 10 years.

Colorado Springs First Snow
Colorado Springs First Snow — Past 10 Years

Last year is noteworthy as it happened to be the latest first measurable snow on record.

Looking at the rest of the data, there's only one other time we had to wait until December for our first winter storm. That was 2016.

Five of the last 10 years we saw our first snow storm in October, twice it happened in November, and once in September.

Looking ahead...the big weather story that we're watching closely is the potential for some accumulation in town this Thursday.

While it doesn't look like much, keep in mind that all we need is 0.1" of measurable snow at the airport for this to count.

Probability wise, the National Weather Service in Pueblo seems to like our odds.

Probability of measurable snow
Probability of measurable snowfall in Southern Colorado for Thursday's storm

I personally see the best chances for accumulation on the north and west sides of town, with those odds much lower the farther south you go.

And that brings us to our friendly wager amongst the weather team...

Although my date of October 21st has technically passed, I still have the chance to win if it snows on Thursday, or at any point from now through November 3rd.

After that, Alex O'Brien would be crowned the winner.

KOAA snow bet finals - 10/26/22

Given the stakes, we'll be watching closely to see who comes out on top!