The hottest days this week are still yet to come

Wednesday evening forecast
Florence, CO sunset
Posted at 4:24 PM, Jul 17, 2019

Tonight’s Forecast:
Storms will continue through the Plains this evening, bringing lightning and gusty winds. These scattered thunderstorms will move east into Kansas tonight, leaving southeastern Colorado dry by around 9 pm. It appears the last bit of moisture was utilized with showers today. Tomorrow will be very hot and even drier. Do we sound like a broken record yet? The hottest day of the week are still ahead of us, so stay weather aware.

COLORADO SPRINGS: Low - 61; High - 97. Thursday will be hot, sunny, and dry. The rain chances will be gone, and humidity will drop below 10% in the afternoon. Upper 90s will make it a hard day for outdoor strenuous activities. Listen to your body and stay hydrated.

PUEBLO: Low - 61; High - 103. Scorcher tomorrow, with no more relief from afternoon clouds or thunderstorms. The day will likely be sunny and dry. It won't be a good afternoon to take the kids to the park or walk the dog. It's best to be outside in the morning or evening. Check on elderly neighbors who do not have air conditioning.

CANON CITY: Low - 63; High - 101. HOT in Canon City tomorrow to the triple digits. Rain potential will be very low, so little relief will be felt from the afternoon heat. Stay hydrated!

WOODLAND PARK: Low - 53; High - 87. Tomorrow will even be a hot one for our mountain communities, including Woodland Park. Upper 80s are likely with plenty of sunshine. Humidity will be low, but winds should stay light, which will keep extreme fire danger at bay for now.

TRI-LAKES: Low - 50s; High - 90s. Say hello to the 90s, they are here until the beginning of the weekend. Thursday brings highs to the low 90s for the Tri-lakes, with sunshine all day. Remember sunscreen and water if heading outside.

PLAINS: Low - 60s; High - 100s. Very hot tomorrow, between 100-105 degrees for the eastern Plains. The lingering moisture this evening will continue to decrease, leaving Thursday sunny and dry. Listen to your body when working outside, and avoid strenuous activities during the afternoon.

WALSENBURG/TRINIDAD: Low - 60s; High - 90s. Waslsenburg and Trinidad will both be in the 90s tomorrow. Trinidad will be just shy of those triple digits. The sky will be sunny with no clouds to relieve that heat.

Extended Outlook: This heat wave continues for Colorado until Saturday. Then we will welcome back in monsoon moisture and cooler air Sunday, into early next week. Some spots will even see 70s by the early half of next week!