Sunshine returns for the weekend in Colorado

highs 3.14.2020
Posted at 8:05 AM, Mar 14, 2020

Today’s Forecast:
Sunshine returns today and temperatures will begin to rebound back to average. Winds will be slightly breezy this afternoon from the east-southeast.

COLORADO SPRINGS: High: 52; Low: 28. Sunny and mild, with snow melting.

PUEBLO: High: 55; Low: 30. Sunny today and just slightly below average.

CANON CITY: High: 55; Low: 33. Mild with plenty of sun to melt lingering snow.

WOODLAND PARK: High: 50; Low: 29. Snow melts today under a sunny sky and mild temperatures.

TRI-LAKES: High: 50s; Low: 20s. Low 50s today with sunshine, allowing for snowmelt.

PLAINS: High: 40s/50s; Low: 20s/30s. Low clouds linger longest in the eastern Plains, leaving some areas stuck in the 40s. Sunshine after that.

WALSENBURG/TRINIDAD: High: 50s; Low: 20s. Mild today with plenty of sunshine and staying dry.

Extended Outlook:
Tonight, more low clouds and fog develop in the Plains and I-25 corridor, clearing out Sunday afternoon. Temperatures climb through Monday of next week, where 60s will be common. Then we are watching for isolated showers possible mid-week, with the next major storm expected Thursday. Stay tuned for those details.