Saturday cold front brings relief from dangerous heat; thunderstorms possible later

Jeffery Heizer Prospect Lake sunset with boat
Jeffery Heizer Prospect Lake
Posted at 8:49 AM, Jul 20, 2019

Today’s Forecast:
A cold front arrives today from the north, bringing gusty winds and more clouds. Northeasterly winds will gust up to 30 mph along the front this afternoon. Temperatures will still be above average, but about 10 degrees cooler than Friday. This front also provides the opportunity for thunderstorms this afternoon into tonight.

COLORADO SPRINGS: High - 89; Low - 57. Much more comfortable today, to the upper 80s. There is a chance for scattered evening thunderstorms, with strong wind gusts and heavy rain being the main hazards. The hail potential is low, but pea to nickel sized hail is possible in the stronger storms. Eastern El Paso county has a higher chance of strong to severe storms this evening.

PUEBLO: High - 98; Low - 60. Still hot, but thankfully out of the triple digits today. Still practice heat safety with water and sunscreen. Breezy northerly winds are likely. An afternoon thunderstorm is possible, quickly ending this evening.

CANON CITY: High - 93; Low - 62. Much more comfortable today, to the low 90s. Showers and thunderstorms are possible after noon, continuing into the early evening. Storms should be non-severe with pockets of heavier rain and lightning.

WOODLAND PARK: High - 82; Low - 49. Very nice today, to the low 80s with breezy winds. An shower or thunderstorm in the early afternoon is likely.

TRI-LAKES: High - 80s; Low - 50s. Much cooler today, to the low 80s with gusty northerly winds. Non-thunderstorm wind gusts may get up to 35 mph with the cold front passage. Then afternoon thunderstorms are possible.

PLAINS: High - 90s/100s; Low - 60s. Still hot, but not as unbearable as Friday. 90s and 100s are likely, cooling quickly this evening with thunderstorms. Otero, Crowley, Bent, Prowers, and Kiowa counties have a higher risk of severe weather today. Strong wind gusts are the main severe weather hazard, hail being second.

WALSENBURG/TRINIDAD: High - 90s; Low - 50s. Still quite hot today, to the low to mid 90s, because the cold front arrives later in far southern Colorado. A chance of afternoon thunderstorms.

Extended Outlook: Sunday is trending cooler, to the 80s for the front range and 70s in the mountains. Temperatures cool significantly early next week, bottoming out in the 70s on Monday for many. Rain chances are also with us through at least Monday, with evening thunderstorms likely each day. A bit drier through mid-week as temperatures return to seasonable. Then we have another uptick in thunderstorm potential late next week.