Record breaking cold on Halloween across Southern Colorado

Snowy Monument
Posted at 5:44 PM, Oct 30, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-31 00:35:03-04

Tonight’s Forecast: Dry skies and brutally cold temperatures tonight may re-freeze any melting snow from Wednesday afternoon. Overnight lows will likely shatter records in both Colorado Springs and Pueblo. These areas, and many in Southern Colorado, may see temperatures below zero during the overnight hours.

COLORADO SPRINGS: Low - 1 Below 0; High - 40. A record breaking cold start to the day is expected in the Springs. Temperatures will moderate nicely through the afternoon, with plenty of sunshine and light westerly winds.

PUEBLO: Low - 3 Below 0; High - 39. The normal low in Pueblo on Halloween is 29 degrees, but instead of starting the day in the 20s, we're starting Halloween below 0. A nice warm-up follows for the afternoon hours under sunny skies.

CANON CITY: Low - 0; High - 41. The main message in Canon City on Thursday is for very cold morning temperatures, and dangerous wind chills. It's not a heat wave, but daytime highs will return to above freezing by mid-afternoon.

WOODLAND PARK: Low - 6 Below 0; High - 38. Dangerously cold temperatures and wind chill values for Halloween morning. Highs will warm up in the afternoon, and could top out near 40 degrees.

TRI-LAKES: Low - Below 0; High - 30s. We'll start the day with temperatures below 0 across the Tri-Lakes area. Highs will warm nicely into the upper 30s, and with plenty of sunshine on hand, the snow melt should begin.

PLAINS: Low - 0s; High - 40s/50s. Single digits temperatures in the Plains Thursday morning, with wind chill values well below 0. A nice afternoon follows, with highs warming into the 40s and very low 50s.

WALSENBURG/TRINIDAD: Low - Near 0; High - 40s. Temperatures near 0 Halloween morning, with wind chills potentially down to 10 to 15 below 0. As the sun comes out and warms us up, daytime highs will recover nicely to the 40s.

Extended Outlook: The extended forecast for Southern Colorado looks dry. It's likely that a weak disturbance moves in this Friday, which could bring a few light snow showers to the mountains. Otherwise, Friday looks windy and slightly cooler than Thursday. Then with a warm-up this weekend, all areas should be treated to some beautiful and sunny early November weather, with dry weather continuing into next week.