Hot on Wednesday, with isolated thunderstorms possible

Stormy Monument skies
Posted at 6:21 PM, Jul 21, 2020

Tonight's Forecast:
Main threat for severe weather over Southern Colorado tonight will be out east into the Plains, with the potential for some big storm blowing through Huerano County early this evening. After sunset as the storms wind down, we should transition to a drier forecast for the overnight hours.

COLORADO SPRINGS: Low: 59; High: 90. With more sunshine in the forecast, highs will be hotter on Wednesday. There could be a few thunderstorms that develop by mid afternoon, with better chances farther west into the mountains.

PUEBLO: Low: 62; High: 97. Sunny skies early, with clouds building by the afternoon. We could see a few isolated thunderstorms in the afternoon, but severe weather is not expected.

CANON CITY: Low: 63; High: 93. Building clouds across Fremont County, with thunderstorms likely by mid to late afternoon. Best chances will be in our surrounding mountain areas.

WOODLAND PARK: Low: 51; High: 82. Chances for rain and thunderstorms will remain pretty high in Teller County on Wednesday, but severe weather is not expected to be a problem.

TRI-LAKES: Low: 50s; High: 80s. Bigger storms on Wednesday should stay west of I-25 up over the mountains, with just a few isolated thunderstorms possible around Monument, Woodmoor and Palmer Lake.

PLAINS: Low: 60s; High: 90s. Hot and breezy on Wednesday, with generally dry skies across the Plains. If thunderstorms do form, they'll likely hold off until after 5 pm.

WALSENBURG/TRINIDAD: Low: 50s/60s; High: 80s/90s. Dry skies early, with spotty to scattered thunderstorms likely by the afternoon. Severe weather is not expected on Wednesday.

Extended Outlook:
Thursday's weather should be a lot like Wednesday, with isolated storm and hot afternoon highs. Monsoon moisture is expected to build into Southern Colorado by Friday, with an increase in shower and thunderstorm coverage heading into the weekend. Even though rain chances will be fairly high around Southern Colorado through the weekend, the mountains look to be the recipient of most of the moisture over the next seven days.