Hot and breezy weather expected Tuesday

Florence, Colorado sunflowers
Posted at 5:38 PM, Sep 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-17 00:29:40-04

Tonight’s Forecast: Temperatures cool tonight to above average lows. This evening will be mild and partly cloudy. Tomorrow starts clear with a breeze. Tomorrow afternoon is looking breezy and well above average.

COLORADO SPRINGS: Low - 54; High - 86. Staying mild this evening, dropping to the mid 50s by Tuesday morning. Tuesday will be about 10 degrees above average and breezy.

PUEBLO: Low - 57; High - 92. Nice tonight, dropping to the upper 50s by Tuesday morning. Tomorrow will be hot and sunny with breezy winds. Expect low 90s for a high.

CANON CITY: Low - 58; High - 90. Breezy and mild tonight, dropping to the upper 50s by tomorrow morning. Tuesday afternoon will be hot to 90, with breezy conditions.

WOODLAND PARK: Low - 46; High - 77. Chilly tonight, but staying above average to the mid 40s. Tomorrow will be mostly sunny to the upper 70s!

TRI-LAKES: Low - 50s; High - 70s. Cool tonight, to the low 50s. Tuesday will be warm in the upper 70s with breezy winds.

PLAINS: Low - 60s; High - 90s. Staying warm this evening, dropping to the low 60s overnight. Tomorrow will be hot to the mid 90s with sunshine.

WALSENBURG/TRINIDAD: Low - 50s; High - 70s/80s. Tonight temperatures drop to the mid 50s. Tomorrow Walsenburg will warm to the upper 70s and Trinidad will make it to the mid 80s. It will be a warm day with breezy winds.

Extended Outlook: The next "cold" front arrives by Tuesday night and drops temperatures Wednesday by 5-10 degrees. Thursday and Friday will be warm with windy afternoons.