Hazy skies on Wednesday, with more heat for Southern Colorado

Starry skies over Victor, Colorado
Posted at 6:41 PM, Sep 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-16 00:51:08-04

Tonight's Forecast:
Quite comfortable this evening across Southern Colorado as temperatures will cool down pretty quickly once the sun goes down. Smoke and haze from wildfires burning across the West Coast and Colorado will thicken by Wednesday morning, and could be pretty dense at times through the rest of the week.

COLORADO SPRINGS: Low: 52; High: 80. Look for a small dip in temperatures on Wednesday as highs should warm to within a degree or two of 80. The afternoon hours will be both hazy and breezy, with sustained north winds between 10 and 20 mph.

PUEBLO: Low: 50; High: 88. Warmer than where we should be for mid-September, but a little cooler than what we saw on Tuesday. Overall, our weather on Wednesday will be hazy, warm and breezy.

CANON CITY: Low: 57; High: 85. Although a touch cooler, Wednesday will be hazy and very warm for this time of the year. It will be breezy as well during the day, with sustained northeast winds 10 to 15 mph.

WOODLAND PARK: Low: 47; High: 74. A pleasant day temperature wise across Teller County, with highs warming into the 70s. However with the air quality becoming a factor once again, we suggest that you limit your time outside if you suffer from breathing problems.

TRI-LAKES: Low: 40s; High: 70s. Areas of smoke and haze will hang around our forecast on Wednesday. It will also be a warm and breezy day, with highs topping out in the middle to upper 70s.

PLAINS: Low: 40s/50s; High: 80s. Not as warm as Tuesday, but still above average highs for mid-September. It will also be breezy during the day, with areas of smoke and haze in our Wednesday forecast.

WALSENBURG/TRINIDAD: Low: 40s/50s; High: 80s. Hazy sunshine and above average highs for our Wednesday. It will also be a little breezy at times, with northeast winds sustained between 10 and 15 mph.

Extended Outlook:
Our forecast will change very little over the next several days as thicker smoke and haze look to linger over Southern Colorado. With high pressure in control of our weather, it will also be dry and warmer than average. Mountain showers will be possible by the weekend, but rain is not likely for areas east of the mountains over the next seven days.