Dry with high fire danger on Saturday

Posted at 4:20 PM, May 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-22 21:11:57-04

Tonight's Forecast:
This evening will be clear with warm overnight temperatures. Winds will diminish soon after the sun goes down.

Saturday will be hot, dry, and gusty. Red Flag warnings are posted for the entire region.

COLORADO SPRINGS: Low: 47; High: 79. High fire danger Saturday with very low humidity and gusty winds.

PUEBLO: Low: 48; High: 87. Hot and sunny Saturday with high fire danger.

CANON CITY: Low: 51; High: 84. Very warm with gusty winds and high fire danger Saturday.

WOODLAND PARK: Low: 42; High: 69. Saturday will be mild with low humidity and breezy winds. Elevated fire danger.

TRI-LAKES: Low: 40s; High: 70s. Low 70s Saturday with low humidity and gusty winds. High fire danger.

PLAINS: Low: 50s; High: 80s/90s. Upper 80s and low 90s with very low humidity and gusty winds. Critical fire danger.

WALSENBURG/TRINIDAD: Low: 40s/50s; High: 80s. Low to mid 80s Saturday with very low humidity and strong winds. Critical fire danger.

Extended Outlook:
A cold front will move in Saturday night which increases humidity and cools temperatures for Sunday. A few showers and thunderstorms possible Sunday, favoring the plains. Widespread rain and cool air across southern Colorado Monday from the mountains to the plains.