Boost of warm temperatures mid-week before weekend cool down

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Posted at 6:27 AM, Oct 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-16 20:11:06-04

Today’s Forecast: Temperatures start cold, but get a boost this afternoon. Highs will be at least 10 degrees above average. The sky will be mostly sunny and winds will be light for most, but breezy in the mountains.

COLORADO SPRINGS: High - 75; Low - 40. Warming up quickly today, to the 60s by lunch and mid 70s this afternoon. Tonight will be more mild, to the low 40s.

PUEBLO: High - 77; Low - 38. A big boost of heat today, to the upper 70s. The sky will be sunny and winds will be light.

CANON CITY: High - 78; Low - 42. Warm, sunny, and breezy today for the upper Arkansas river. Tonight will be mild, to the low 40s.

WOODLAND PARK: High - 69; Low - 36. Very warm in Woodland Park and other mountain valleys today, to the uper 60s. Winds will be breezy and the sky will be mostly sunny.

TRI-LAKES: High - 70s; Low - 30s. Sunny and warm today, to the mid 70s in the Tri-lakes. Tonight will stay above freezing to the upper 30s.

PLAINS: High - 70s/80s; Low - 40s. Most spots will reach the upper 70s today, but a few 80s are possible. The sky will be sunny and winds will be slightly breezy.

WALSENBURG/TRINIDAD: High - 70s; Low - 30s/40s. Very warm, to the upper 70s in both cities today. Winds will be light and the sky will be clear.

Extended Outlook: Even warmer on Thursday, to the 70s and 80s in southern Colorado! High wind gusts are also expected, which leads to high fire danger. A fire weather watch will likely be upgraded to a red flag warning for tomorrow. Temperatures gradually cool from Friday and through the weekend with multiple breezy cold fronts. Precipitation potential is decreasing for Sunday evening, with some high mountain snow showers possible, and more so gusty conditions along the front range.