Afternoon rain showers possible Friday

Daniel Forster Pikes Peak light
Posted at 3:47 PM, Jul 02, 2020

Tonight's Forecast:
Lingering thunderstorms in the eastern plains will move out of the state by sunset. Tonight will be mild and humid across southern Colorado.

COLORADO SPRINGS: Low: 58; High: 89. Hot tomorrow with a chance of thunderstorms after 2 pm.

PUEBLO: Low: 61; High: 97. Hot on Friday with a chance of thunderstorms after 3 pm.

CANON CITY: Low: 61; High: 93. Very warm with a chance of thunderstorms after 12 pm.

WOODLAND PARK: Low: 51; High: 80. Very warm Friday with a chance of thunderstorms after 12 pm.

TRI-LAKES: Low: 50s; High: 80s. Low 80s tomorrow with thunderstorms possible after 1 pm.

PLAINS: Low: 60s; High: 90s. Very hot in the upper 90s tomorrow with scattered showers and thunderstorms possible after 3 pm.

WALSENBURG/TRINIDAD: Low: 50s/60s; High: 80s. Upper 80s, near 90 on Friday with showers and thunderstorms likely after 1 pm.

Extended Outlook:
Saturday, the Fourth of July, brings more afternoon rain showers and thunderstorms, with a higher risk of flash flooding. Sunday will bring more scattered afternoon thunderstorms. Temperatures over the weekend will remain hot and feeling like summer.